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Confidently choose your China-based factory, gain access to top toy industry talent, craft a persuasive pitch, and learn modern toy marketing.
Finally, a course that clarifies the entire toy development process!

With Toy Creators Academy You Can...

That idea you've had stored in your phone for waaaaay too long could be the next Hatchimals™!

So why haven't you made it real yet? Most likely, you are struggling with one of these 3 things.

1: You don't know if your idea is REALLY unique. 

2: You don't know if kids will enjoy playing with it.

You don't know how to get started.

And if you don't know how to get started, those toy ideas can easily sit for years in the back of your mind or your notes app NEVER TO BE DEVELOPED. 😲😲😲

Meet The Course Creator

Azhelle is a multi-patented toy industry expert who created THIS course to show you how to bring your toy ideas to life from A to Z.

By the end of this program, 

you will have:

✅ Creatively developed a truly toyetic concept. A toy concept that answers the needs of your target market and that's consumers AND buyers.

✅ Learned how to find and work with talented toy industry freelancers who have the skills to help you bring your toy concept to the next level.

A plan for building a functioning prototype of your toy concept that you can use in pitch meetings to sell your idea or in factory communications for production.

Learned to find and communicate with factories that are capable and interested in manufacturing your product.

✅ The secrets behind persuasive and intriguing pitch language for your toy product that draws the attention of your target audience.

✅ Identified your personal profit path and outlined a strategy to sell your toy product or idea.


Established an online presence for your toy product or brand, with a clear plan to utilize industry media outlets to gain authority and build your social following.

Avoid The Forgotten Toy Mindset

Most Toy Ideas Fall Victim To

The Forgotten Toy Mindset

When you get extremely excited about a GREAT toy idea and take dozens of unfocused actions in an attempt to bring it to life. Eventually, you find your self unsure of what to do next, and each day you make less and less progress and leave your idea in limbo.

Don't let your great ideas slip away like a forgotten toy!

With Toy Creators Academy you'll be given a clear path for the toy development and launch process. 

This clear plan will help you focus your efforts, plan your milestones, plan your investment, and estimate your profits.

Learn From An Industry Expert

Azhelle Wade

The Toy Coach

Azhelle has worked in the toy industry for over 10 years with companies like Toys R Us, Party City, and Madame Alexander! She has 3 patented toy products, multiple design awards, and is the host of the well-known toy industry podcast, Making It In The Toy Industry.

This toy industry expert is here to help YOU prioritize your to-do list, teach you to think like a buyer, AND virtually hold your hand during the toy development and launch process. 

Are you ready to bring your toy ideas to life with The Toy Coach by your side? Yes? Then hit the button below!


Fast Track Your Toy Education

Learn How To Make Your Toy Idea REAL.

Finally, clarify your toy development & launch process with step-by-step guidance in this 6-week course.

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